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Privacy policy

When you access and use the Website (Including online products and services), we understand that you agree with the terms of this policy entirely.

  1. About

    Olitvn (full name Online Information Technology VietNam) is a provider of products and services such as Website, Blog, Software; And we always respect the privacy of individuals who use data on Olitvn products, and that is why we are committed to ensuring the highest level of protection of “personal information” of users.

    We use personal information to help Olitvn's products and services work better.

    When this policy refers Olitvn, We or Ours is mentioned Olitvn's.

    Words or phrases used You, User's, Users, Person or Your is referring to an individual or organization that uses our products or services.

    In this document, “personal information” understood as included: Full name, residence address, email address, phone number or personal information provided by the user or any information collected by us.

    For any questions regarding this Policy or any requirements regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us at the email address. or other ways of contacting by visiting the link

  2. Sites and products are used for this policy

    This policy applies to websites and products provided by Olitvn. We will list the list of sites and services in this section, then they are followed by default:


    We will not distinguish the formats of domains like: non-case sensitive, http:// and https:// at the beginning of the domain name, www and without www, or / and without / at the end of the domain only website.

  3. Types of information collected

    The following are the types of information we collect when you Access, Register or Sign in to websites and products. ours. Then the collection will include:

    1. Contact information of users. For example: Full name, email address, phone number.
    2. User name and password.
    3. Title or information related to the User's Office or Organization.
    4. The contact image of the user. Example: Picture of identity card, face.
    5. Your contact information, feedback, suggestions, exchanges and opinions on any contact tool (mentioned above).
  4. Information tools and facilities for changing information

    After the implementation of Sign up, but want to change the information. Users have direct access to links related to editing information of websites or software products that we have provided..

    Alternatively, users can request Edit or Delete information by contacting the email information directly or contacting us (at items above).

  5. Collect via software

    From time to time, we may use the necessary information from the software that users are using to use Olitvn's products or services.

    When users access websites with any web browser on any device, mobile devices, we can store for better purposes or improve our website. Information is commonly known as "Cookies" that many other websites are still in use.

    Cookies are forms of information stored in the hard disk or web browser that users access, not generated by the website itself. They allow collecting some information of the device being used such as: IP address, operating system, browser information...

  6. Information security

    When building or programming websites, we always put a function to prevent illegal access and improper use of personal information by users. In addition, all of our websites adopt a secure and secure technology standard on the medium called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The simple way to recognize is that the website links are all https:// in front of the domain name (Example:

    Because there are always risks associated with providing personal data, whether provided directly, over the phone or via the Internet, or through other technical means; and there are no absolutely secure technical systems that can resist all of "Hacker" and "Tamper" (called an illegal intruder to record Through information), Olitvn we always strive to improve and provide preventive measures appropriate to each characteristic as well as attack methods to minimize the risk of losing or leaking user information.

  7. The suspension or closure of the account

    Users can actively Suspend or Close your account by contacting Olitvn directly. After successful implementation, we will notify the user via Email Address.

    About us we can Suspend your account and notify users that they are violating the terms or for some reason that certain information needs to be edited. At that time, users will contact us to change.

    In addition, we may actively Close user accounts without prior notice for information that is intentionally entered incorrectly or spam our system..

    Suspend here can be interpreted as temporarily blocking user accounts and can reopen. Closing an account will be interpreted as permanently removing that account from our system.

  8. Policy change

    Sometimes, Olitvn needs to adjust policies and regulations including adding, removing or suspending websites without prior notice.

    However, if this regulation is changed to a disadvantage for users, Olitvn will try to notify all users who have Register to use our products and services. The fastest way via Email Address.